Best Auto Mechanics And Electricians In Town

Auto mechanics and electricians usually check and test wirings, identify faults and issues and perform repair. A car mechanic primarily focus on the car systems, whereas electricians focus on the wirings and other electrical systems like ignitions, alarms, tracking devices, parking warning systems, electric windows, immobilizers etc. The work of automotive electricians is same as home electricians, but they have specialized in vehicles and not in cars, they work in almost same manner from detecting the fault to fixing a wire. Electrician’s works with tools like meters and other instruments in order to maintain electronics. Like other professions, mechanics and electricians also need good amount of training and education. The need of skilled, young and qualified car mechanics and electricians is growing because of increase in the growth of vehicle sector. Also, there are many job opportunities available in this sector. The salary for automobile electricians vary according to the skills, level of education and training but an average electrician can earn around $50,000 per year. The job is perfect for people who wants to work with their hands, on the other hand the job is very technical as it requires good communication skills to deal with clients on daily basis.

Gold Coast Car Electricians and Mechanical is a local family owned business, providing automotive repair service to the Gold Coast since 1976. We have a team of professionals who knows exactly how to deal with your problems. We have a loyal and a dedicated team who are striving hard to provide quality workmanship. We are working with some of our loyal customers for over 30 years and considered as one of the best in South East Queen’s Land for mechanical repairs and maintenance. We deal in car starter motors, batteries, computer scanning and diagnosis, electric brakes and brake controls, automotive lightening, keyless entry, reverse cameras and sensors, and other audio accessories. All the services at Gold coast Car Electric and Mechanical are performed carefully with proper diagnosis so that our customers are satisfied and walks through our door happy. Our team does all the work correctly at the first time in order to save client’s time and money. Automotive problems always have warning signs before they become serious, one should always notice these issues and contact a good car mechanic Gold Coast or an electrician.

We also make electric side steps, that works with your vehicles factory door sensor, when you open the door they drop to your stepping height and when you close the door they retract, this also prevents your side steps from coming into contact with rocks, trees and other harmful objects. We have high quality auto-parts and accessories from all reputed manufacturers with guaranteed low price.

You can call us or schedule an appointment online, our team of qualified mechanics and electricians will identify and solve your problems in the best possible way.