Physical Fitness


Physical Fitness

Services Provided By Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine

In our life, many incidents happen where we get injured. For instance, while playing football, if someone falls, they can get their bones hurt which causes a lot of pain that it requires proper treatment otherwise the pain will increase and the problem can get bigger which will create problems in future. In earlier years, the old generation had stronger bones because the food they had was completely pure but today, people are more into junk food which does not help in making their bones strong. This is the reason, people get hurt easily and get their bones fractured or hair fractured which causes a lot of pain that one cannot even move with that pain. If you have got hurt your body anywhere while playing sports then you need to visit Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine since we have a solution for any kind of injury pertaining to sports. Let us discuss the services we provide.


Our team of physiotherapists specializes in treating injuries whether you have got the injury while playing sports or you have back pain, or you are facing post-surgical issues, our physiotherapist will do the treatment for you in the best possible manner. They will first ask the problem that you are suffering, and after diagnosing the issue, they will start the treatment. You will have physiotherapy sessions with our physiotherapist who will help in treating all your problems which are hurting your body.

Running Injury Clinic

If you are suffering from any running injury then you can contact us. Running injury is basically the pain you feel while running such as knee pain, back pain, calf pain, hip pain etc. Running is no doubt very important to stay fit but these pains would not let you do so. This is when you need to contact us since we treat these injuries as well.

Back Pain Clinic

Almost every person in this world is complaining about their back pain. Not only old people, but adults and youngsters are also suffering from back pain. You might have tried everything from sitting properly to trying some home remedies but if nothing has worked, this is when you need to visit us since we provide the best treatment for back pain and we guarantee you that you will get a permanent solution for your back pain and you will never regret choosing us for treating your back pain.

Massage Therapy

If you are feeling any kind of a pain in your body and you do not know the reason, then you need to visit us. We will diagnose the issue and if the problem can be treated through massage, then we will provide you with the best massage in Brunswick. Moreover, we also do the best and relaxing pregnancy massage so get in touch with us and get the best services from us.